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2013-08-21 21:33:49 by techwilliam

If you want to like my DJ Facebook page, it's here:

I'm sorry if I do not post anything, because the school is beginning for me...

By the way, here's my party mix that I did this week:

(Sorry if it's in french)

Dark Shredder

2013-04-11 17:27:19 by techwilliam

I've worked with Panteras for my previous song called Dark Shredder. He did the drum part and he's pretty good indeed.

Here's the link to the song:

My chaoz fantasy remix

2013-01-10 18:57:02 by techwilliam

That is the question. Should I put my chaoz fantasy on Newgrounds when i will be finished?

Hi guys!

2012-04-20 17:40:46 by techwilliam

Here's my story. I joined Newgrounds like 2 years ago, and I begined to use it not very long ago, I don't know why...

By the way guys, if you want some good stuff, go check out my brother's channel (TheZaal)

Have a great day or night everyone!